Meet Monika

I’m a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Yoga Instructor based in Washington, DC. Long before turmeric, ashwagandha, and khichdi became household names in the West, my family was applying the timeless wisdom of our ancestors for balanced living – we had morning routines, we focused on spiritual growth, and we tried not to overindulge in anything (moderation is key!).
In my 20s, I began feeling stagnant. My energy was often low, appetite irregular, and allergies worse than ever.
I sought help from an Ayurvedic practitioner, who identified a gut imbalance and also observed that my otherwise healthy aura had dulled. This is when I realized that even though I hadn’t made any drastic changes to my lifestyle, small inconsistencies and poor choices over time had impacted my mental and physical health.

I focused on changing what I consumed – not just food, but what I read, listened to, watched, put on my skin, and so on. It worked.

And that’s when I decided: I wanted to dig deeper into Ayurveda and yoga and share it with others.

Now, as both a mom and coach, I’m passionate about empowering others to integrate Ayurveda and yoga into their own family, in a way that is practical and sustainable.

Let’s work together so you can create a healthier, more purposeful life.
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