My approach to consultations is straightforward:

I provide you with tools from the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga so you can elevate your mind and body to create a more purposeful life.

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6-Month Private Coaching

$1200 (virtual or in-person)

Our health and habits don’t improve overnight. They take consistency and determination, day in and day out. If you want to take a deeper dive on improving your health in a sustainable way and thrive with accountability, this program is for you.

What to expect:

  • One 90-minute Ayurvedic health assessment.
  • Personalized health care plan with diet, lifestyle, yoga, and mental health recommendations.
  • Two follow-up calls to review and adjust health care plan and/or discuss additional health concerns.
  • Accountability! You will have access to me via email and/or text between calls to discuss any challenges you might be facing.

What clients are saying

"Thanks to the Ayurvedic diet recommended by Monika, I've experienced a remarkable improvement in digestion and a reduction in bloating. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she personalized and tailored to my unique constitution. Her recommendations have made a significant difference "


"I came to Monika with digestive issues, brain fog and fatigue. By making a few tweaks to my diet, and routine, I have been able to see lasting results. Being able to work with Monika on my specific needs has done wonders for me. I highly recommend working with her if you need to get your spark back!"


"Monika gave me some simple but effective tips that helped me see a key aspect of nutrition that I had never considered. My continued interactions with her have brought positive changes to my lifestyle."

- RJ

As a medical/allopathic doctor, I vouch for preventative and holistic Ayurvedic principles, made easy by Monika’s coaching."


"Monika provided me with detailed nutrition guidelines for optimal gut health and introduced simple mindful practices that I’ve been able to incorporate into my busy schedule. Thanks to our sessions, I’ve not only improved my physical health but have learned how to better connect to myself and my intuition."


Monika’s Ayurvedic guidance has been transformative. Her personalized suggestions not only helped me shed excess weight but addressed digestion issues I didn’t even realize I had. I loved her approach to accountability- "


"Being a health practitioner myself, I was skeptical that ayurvedic principles could add much to my understanding of healthy living, but working with Monika made me rethink some important concepts missing from conventional knowledge. I have incorporated this new perspective in my personal life as well as in my advice to others."

- RC

"Before starting sessions with Monika, I knew absolutely nothing about Ayurveda or how it could benefit my health. She provides bite-sized practical tips that make the fundamentals of Ayurveda easy to understand."

- NC

"Monika’s approach to Ayurvedic health and coaching is thoughtful, holistic, and tailored to individual needs. Instead of only focusing on symptoms, she works to address overall well-being in a safe, judgment-free space."


Ayurvedic Consultation

$218 for a 90-minute consultation
$93 for a follow-up
(virtual or in-person)

You will walk away from this 1:1 session with a thorough plan and practical suggestions to bring your mind and body (back) to balance.

What to expect:

  • Discussion of lifestyle, diet, and any health/wellness concerns
    Determination of body constitution
    (vata/pitta/kapha) and imbalances
  • Assessment of digestive health
  • Personalized yoga recommendations
  • Ayurvedic practices for preventative care
  • Highly personalized written health plan with diet and lifestyle recommendations
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